The Rocks Museum

On a chilly and rainy day in Sydney, after spending too much money on my trip, I decided to investigate some cheaper activities in the city.  Being close to my hostel and free, I decided to visit The Rocks Museum.

The first thing I will caution about is that the entrance is not easy to find.  It is down an tight street or a wide ally and although there is a sign nearby, the door is not well marked.  But once inside the museum was worth the money.  Ha ha, it’s free!

It really was a nice museum though.  The museum starts with the settlement of the rocks area and moved on to recent history (the attempt to develop it into a modern area with sky scrapers.)  There were sections about the convicts (many who worked in more of an apprentice type situation), the development of the police in the area (they have stayed in The Rocks).

The museum had a small area where you could watch films about different issues in The Rocks. I enjoyed the one about the protests of the “revitalization” of the area.  My only complaint was that this room was too small and didn’t have much seating.

I would recommend budgeting about an hour, maybe a little longer.  I liked this museum, aside from the fact that it was free, I enjoy history museums, which is what this is.  The Rocks Museum brought this area that I had been staying in alive in a new way that made me appreciate it even more.

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