The Unroad Warrior – A blog review

The Unroad Warrior is a blog I’ve been reading on and off for a few a few years.  Only recently though did I start reading it regularly.  I really like the blog – it has a nitch, is written simply and is informative.

The Unroad Warrior writes about airline stuff – the UNroad.  Maybe it’s a plane, or a new policy by an airline.  But I have really enjoyed the posts about all that complicated airline stuff that I only kind of understand – interline agreements, codesharing, and alliances.  The posts are written in an easy to read and understand style, the kind of writting where when you read it you go, “oh, that’s how that works.” 

I recommend the blog to those of you who are interested in how all this airline stuff works.  I think you’ll slowly learn a lot of tricks of the trade and be able to make better choices for yourself.

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