Travel Tip – PointsHound

If you’re interested in collection airline points then you’ll want to check out PointsHound.  It’s a site where you can book hotel stays and earn airline miles.  Simple!

pointshound-logo-421dc1bc23133cd1324a65eaf782711cThey have 150,000 hotels in their system and are partnered with about 10 airlines, including: US Air, American, Delta, Hawaiian, Etihad, Jet, Virgin America and a few others. And yes, they do have a lowest price guarantee.

I know I fly a lot more then I stay in hotels so this is a great way to get something usable out of those hotel stays.

When I first tried to use this for my trip to Australia I found all the prices were higher then my initial reservations were; however, they were the same as the prices I found on other sites. Although I didn’t get to use this for my own bookings, it is a site I will use regularly when trying to book hotel rooms.

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