Traveling to Australia

Before I start writing individual posts about my trip to Australia I thought I would do a little round up about my trip, get you excited for some of the things I want to talk about.  I should say I had a couple goals for my trip, some of them were developmental for me, and some of them more practical.  This trip was a gift to myself after 4 years of major dental work and so I did have a bit of some mental recovery for myself.  but I also wanted to try and travel a little differently than I have in the past.

One thing on my mind on this trip was, do I really want to take a trip around the world in roughly 5 years?  The answer absolutely YES! The trip has inspired me to also be more careful with my spending and with saving money for that trip.

The other thing I learned was Australia is expensive, even though I had heard this, you don’t truly realize expensive until you’re searching for a meal less than $20.  As much as I’m feeling a renewal in my mission to save money, I’m also getting concerned about the cost of a trip around the world. I tried to travel cheaper than usual on this trip, but it’s not cheap enough.

On this trip I stayed in some hostels, a departure from staying in hotels and something I will have to do if I want to travel around the world.  In many ways it was better than I expected, but I’m also 37 and knew that I would need to stay in nicer places.  I can now refine my list of “wants” in a hostel.  But I also know that every now and then I need a room all to myself.

I finally got to take a tour with G Adventures, which I have heard great things about.  Yes, I will take more tours with them.

I survived adversity – shootings in airports (not near me), train derailments, flooding – they were all much easier on vacation then when they interrupt daily life.

I got to be with myself a lot on this trip and I don’t mind me. I also got to embrace some of my demons, some I knew were there, others, not so much.  But I did find they liked to come up at weird times.  But it is amazing how your mind works differently when you’re in a different environment.

I’m excited to write about my experience, I just need to sit down and focus on doing it.

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