Traveling with family

On my trip to Disney there were several signs before the trip that this trip was not going to be my best. My sister and her husband have some issues, and her kids are very demanding. But much more then that was the accommodations…

In the past with my other sister we have always stayed in 2 and 3 bedroom timeshare apartments, which even the 2 bedrooms can be a bit tight at times, but leaves enough space. Well for this trip my sister booked a 1 bedroom villa at Boardwalk, which is listed to accommodate 4 people. The villa consists of a living room, small kitchen, bedroom, bathroom (one part is a shower, toilet and sink, the other area is a tub and sink). There was 1 king size (I think) and a fold out couch.

My sister didn’t put my mother and I on the reservation, because it cost too much. When I said we wouldn’t be able to take Magical Express she said we could just take a taxi that it would be cheaper. This set the tone for the trip. My mother and I never really felt like guests on this trip or at this resort and that feeling started with not being added to the reservation because of the cost.

When we arrived at the hotel I asked where to put our stuff, she said anywhere. It was more of a I don’t care then a make yourself at home type of comment. I put my suitcase in a corner and it never moved. When I put my clothing in a dresser drawer she made a comment about me “moving in.” I often do this when I’m staying somewhere for more then a few days. Again, another little thing to make me feel less welcome.

Sleeping arrangements were my mother, my nephew and I on the fold out couch. At 3:30 in the morning my sister would go into the kitchen to make bottle for the baby and wake me up (I usually get up around 4am so this wasn’t convenient). My nephew flipped and flopped all night long, it was an adventure.

So here is my list of things to do to keep your family from feeling welcome on a family trip:
1. Bring up costs and how expensive things are, often
2. Don’t add the family to the hotel reservation (see #1)
3. Don’t pay for transportation costs, but tell them how much money they saved
4. Say you’re going to help out with transportation, but don’t actually do it
5. Book accommodations without enough beds
6. Have family share a bed with 2 other people
7. Have a fight in front of the family, blame them for the almost non-existent involvement
8. Don’t have a plan for anything (in particular for Disney World)
9. Tell them how wonderful the accommodations are, often, to the people who can’t sleep at night.

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  1. oof.

    I often book hotel rooms, especially at Disney, without adding names to the reservation…because she’s right, it does get costly. HOWEVER…when I do this I always make sure to finagle things so that no one has to take a cab or pay for any sort of transportation from the airport…and there HAVE to be enough beds! I.E. in 2008 I took a trip to Disney with three friends…we stayed at Caribbean beach in a room with two double beds…which is normal. I had my name and my friend J’s name on the room, so he took the Magical Express…my friend K and I drove there and picked up/dropped off our friend S from/at the airport. I’m all for saving money but your situation just sounds sucky :o/

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