TSA Pre Check Rocks!

I’m not much bothered by airport security.  I don’t agree with nudoscopes and I don’t agree with some of the TSA’s policies, but when I fly I go with the flow.  I figure if I’m randomly selected for a nudoscope it’s because they want to see my sexy body!

This past summer I applied for Global Entry, which also gives you TSA Pre Check – you get dedicated lines at the airport, you don’t have to take off your shoes or take your laptop out of your bag.  It sounded nice.

I have to say, it’s much more than nice, it made going through security almost a pleasure.  It just took away all the anxiety associated with security, the rushing to get everything out and off and then back in.

I can’t tell you how bummed I was when I was in LAX with all the post shooting chaos and had to take off my shoes and take my laptop out. A noticeable difference in convenience; I understood it, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it.

I have heard that at times the lines for Pre Check can be as long as the regular security lines, but I’ll wait on the same line to avoid taking my shoes off and laptop out.

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