Visit Cape Point, South Africa

I think a lot of people were skeptical about South Africa as a destination, even after I returned home and said how much I loved it.  But I knew I had changed opinions when my mother saw my pictures from Cape Point and was shocked at the beauty there.

Cape Point is basically (as in not scientifically) the bottom of the African Continent.  The Cape of Good Hope is the most Southwestern point on the African Continent and is with Cape Point.  There are a few things to see at Cape Point – Animals, the lighthouse, and the Cape of Good Hope.

I visited Cape Point twice during my trip, once on a group tour and once as part of my photography tour.


There is quite a bit of wildlife at Cape Point, the most infamous is the Baboon.  Baboons might look like cute monkey like animals, but looks can be deceiving.  They are mean creates that will steal your shit! I don’t blame them, I blame the people over the years who have fed them and made them expect food from people. Tips – keep your windows closed and don’t taunt them and you’ll probably be ok.

Next up are Ostrich, they are pretty cool animals and since I got some great shots of them and they didn’t attack us (I don’t think they do), I’m a fan!

Cape Mountain Zebra – nearing extinction with only 400 of them in existence (which is actually up from the last few decades). They are rare to see and I only saw them one of my two days I was there.  But, a Zebra of any kind is cool to see for a New Yorker, the ones at The Bronx Zoo don’t walk across the street.

There are some other birds, but I’m not a bird person.

The Lighthouse

On my first tour our guided recommended against taking the funicular to the light house; however, on my second trip I did take the funicular and thought it was worth the time. His reasoning is that Cape of Good Hope is better.  I think both are great; but, the views from the lighthouse area are better in my opinion. Though both areas have different views so it’s a matter of opinion. Either way, the lighthouse area where the funicular takes you has some really great dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean. I know some people will tell you that this is where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, but it’s not exactly here, and where they meet will vary based on tides. You can tell where they meet though because the water will be different colors for each ocean.

Cape of Good Hope

So named by Portugal’s King John II this area has captured the imagination of European sailors such as Dias who first named it the Cape of Storms in 1488 and later in 1580 Sir Francis Drake who called it the “The Fairest Cape in all the World”.

Now that I kind of just knocked the Cape of Good Hope, I’ll talk it up too.  This area has a rocky coastal view and importantly, a sign to take a picture with.  I know these pictures are tourist cheesy, but if you’re a tourist, embrace it and get your picture taken.  This area is just a quick drive away from the high point with the funicular, so if you have the time, it’s worth it to do both.

Cape Point is a MUST see if you’re in Cape Town, whether you take a tour or go on your own. There’s some interesting wildlife and great views. Just watch out for the Baboons, they’re not your friends.

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