Website: Johnny Jet

jj-logo-newJohnny Jet is a blogger I kinda met, as in I stood next to him at the TBEX Conference a few years ago and didn’t have a conversation with him.  But his story is interesting, he used to be afraid to fly, in his effort to get over it he has become a top blogger in the travel world. You may have also heard him on This Week In Tech with Leo Laporte.

Johnny’s site has resources on anything travel related.  Looking for a gadget, he’s got suggestions.  Need to know how to get upgraded to first class – yup, he’s got tips on that.  Need to book travel, yes, there is info on that too.  Like I said, info for anything and everything you could need.

I like his weekly newsletter, I like that it’s weekly.  Frequent enough that it stays in your mind, but not so frequent that you say, “damn another email from Johnny.”  It’s got a synopsis of what’s been going on in the past week, as well as advertising travel giveaways (usually nice trips). Johnny’s site is full of information and should be on the short list of any travelers list of planning websites.

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