Website Review – Cruise Critic Message Boards

CruiseCriticLogoTwo or so years ago I took a Mediterranean Cruise with Norwegian, by myself in one of their new solo cabins.  While I was prepping for the trip I looked around on Cruise Critic for information. There is so much information on there, it’s insane!  I also met a bunch of people, which made the cruise an unforgettable experience.  For these two reasons my tip today to anyone going on a cruise is to go to the Cruise Critic and particularly the message boards.

Cruise Critica has Roll Call boards for pretty much every ship and sail date.  Some boards are very active while others are a bit quiet.  I know many people coordinated to take private tours with groups of 6 or 8 people, which might have consisted of 3 or 4 couples who never met before the cruise.  Most Roll Calls arrange a meet for everyone on the first or second day.  It’s an opportunity to meet some people, even if you don’t click and become friends, it’s nice to have a friendly face around the ship from time to time.  Heck, my group even had a meet up the night before the cruise in Barcelona.

The other thing on Cruise Critic is learning what to do in port, everything from reviews of excursions to how to get around a port are available.  I got step by step instructions on how to get from the port outside Rome to Rome, including photos.  It was invaluable and lowered my stress level trumendously.

If you’re taking a cruise, I highly recommend Cruise Critic!

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