Website Review: OverWaterBungalows.Net

ID-100152259You’ve been fantasizing about your honeymoon since you were a little girl or boy, an overwater bungalow in Tahiti, sigh.  Now it’s becoming a reality, and you’ve seen the price and how long the flight is.  You’re now plotting all the different travel adventures you could have for the price of one week in that Bungalow and thinking there must be a cheaper way to do this, otherwise you’ll need a new honeymoon.  One with a shorter flight.

There is a solution – OverWaterBungalows.Net a website listing different resorts with bungalows all over the world.  As the site says, locations like the Caribbean are not well suited for Bugalows, but if you want that shorter flight there might be a suitable alternative.

Of course if you insist on Bora Bora or Tahiti, they have plenty of information on resorts there.  I did check out some other sites too, but this one seems to have the most extensive listing of over water bunaglows.

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