Website Review: Your First Visit

Having been to Walt Disney World several times I’m often asked about planning trips there, and often by people who haven’t been there in a long time, sometimes long enough to be considered a first time visitor.  Then I heard about this website – Your First Visit is for first time visitors who may not be going back to Disney World, EVER.  The site has a very specific clientele, but might be interesting to more frequent visitors, they’ll rethink what they thought they knew about Disney World.

The site offers a 12 step plan for planning their trip, starting with when to go and then moving on to: how long, how old/tall your children should be, where to stay, how much to budget, when plans need to be firm, eating at disney world, how to spend your time, what to do when, families and special circumstances, and more resources.

This site is designed for people who haven’t been before and may never go again so their criteria is different then many offer to their own friends.  When choosing a time of year they take into account: weather, crowds, refurbishment of rides, and special events.  And although they do recommend the 3 weeks after Thanksgiving (a favorite of mine too), they do offer other suggestions if you can’t do that.  

For restaurants several of the choices are places you might only visit on a special trip, yet their itinerary is full of these ideas. At first I thought it was odd, but then realized character meals, and dinner shows are always fun and unique. If I was only going there once, yes, I would suggest doing several of these for the full experience. 

Some of those suggestions may be different from what more frequent visitors might choose, because they have different concerns than someone on a first and only visit.  What I like though is that this makes you rethink all the things you thought you knew. Maybe you wont change your favorite week, but you might rethink some of the restaurants you choose.  Or maybe you’ll add some new ideas to your Disney World Bucket List.

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