What to do in 2011

Last Friday instead of writing a blog post, I was planning a trip.  Well, at least it sounds like a good excuse.  While I’m getting my life back in order, I’m still having some issues and thinking of taveling, instead of writing about it, is one of those issues.

So what am I planning?  Early last week I realized that I had a $50 credit with Jetblue, which I should have used for my mothers trip to Florida, but didn’t.  Since it’s expiring this summer I didn’t think I would have an opportunity to use it.  The obvious solution to saving $50 is to spend more money and go on a trip.  Uhhh, who was that president who talked about “fuzzy math?” 

On Wednesday I got the briliant idea that I should go to Disneyland, saving $50 is kinda like winning the Super Bowl, so why not.  I’ve actually wanted to go, but since I’ve been to LA twice and don’t love it, I don’t see myself going there except on a stopover to somewhere cooler.  I figured I could go on a quick weekened trip and fly one way on Virgin America (obviously I need to fly one way on Jetblue for my $50 savings).  But since flying on Virgin America is on my list of things to do in tavel, it seemed like an obvious choice.  I figured I would wait and see if Jetblue or Virgin America came up with a discount on airfares – they were both listing fares at $150ish one way, so it seemed like I might be able to do this pretty cheaply especially if I could find an even cheaper fare. 

On Thursday I get an email from Jetblue, they’re discounting airfares.  Decision time…  I decided to go (after much discussion and mulling over).  I booked the Jetblue Flight, contacted a travel agent for the Diseny part of the trip and then stressed about which flight home to take with Virgin America.  I didn’t actually book the flight home until Friday. 

So now I have myself a quick little weekend trip to a warmer climate in the middle of winter, something I’ve never done before. 

Some other things  I have in the works for 2011 are Ireland and Walt Disney World.  I guess I should start working some OT!

2 thoughts on “What to do in 2011

  1. Fun! Have you ever been to Disneyland? I went in 2005 and it’s somewhat unimpressive compared to Disney World…but still really cool to see considering the history and all.

    We’ll be going back to WDW in 2011 as well…or should I say, as always? haha. When do you plan on going? We’re going to visit during Food and Wine Festival…my favorite time of year at Disney 😉

  2. I have never been to Disneyland, but always wanted to see where Walt’s vision started. I’ll be in the Disneyland in February.

    I am also in the VERY early stages of planning a trip to Disney World, that will be around Christmas time.

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