Your Dream Elvis Wedding

One of the occasional rights of passage on a Contiki tour is the Elvis Chapel Wedding. I’d heard the rumors, but never saw it, until we pulled up in Las Vegas all dressed up for a night on the town.  It’s a surprise for those on the Contiki bus, I had heard about it before, but will admit I was a little slow on the pick up on this one.  I ended up being almost surprised.

So here we are at the Graceland Wedding Chapel, all lined up waiting for something.  Our local Weeding officiant started telling us about the chapel and after a few minutes introduced ELVIS.  He rocked, played a bunch of songs, it was fun.

Then he pulled up two of our tour mates and married them with some funny vows.  Ok, the vows were kinda traditional, but were funny when both parties are laughing. Of course being blessed to the song, Hound Dog, does make it extra special.

For me the fun was that several years ago we joked about my sister and husband renewing their vows in an Elvis Chapel with their kids in attendance.  Well my sister didn’t do it, but I finally got a bit of the experience.  I highly recommend getting your already married friends to renew, just for the fun of it!


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